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09-Jul-2017 03:16

I love being in a relationship with a true slut like Lindsay, how many guys can say that their girlfriend has another boyfriend?WARNING: This Website contains explicit adult material.However she went to university out of town and was only home occasional weekends. Without missing a beat, Lindsay lifted up her shirt, showing off her cleavage that was pinned up by a cute pink bra. She then began sliding Carter's cock into between her moist tits, up and down. "Be right back." Said Lindsay as she abruptly got up off her knees, gave Carter a wink and proceeded to the bathroom. If I had gone up there with him, I don't think I would of lasted very long. I was so worked up, I figured a little smoke would calm me down. After smoking half the joint, I made my way upstairs. " Her screams of joy were separated by passionate mouth to mouth love making between the two.I followed her into the bathroom and closed the door behind us. A couple puffs into my joint, I began to hear Lindsay screaming in pleasure. I opened the bedroom door to see Lindsay on top of Carter, shoving her breasts into his face. However, the experience was too good to end for me that fast. They took turns as she sucked on his tongue, licked his chest while he kissed her neck and sucked on her nipples. "Since Amy's hardly ever around, I can't see why Carter can't use you as his little cum slut." Carter nods his head in agreement.However, this time she picked up a fairly large amount of alcohol for the evening. I was getting extremely turned on by it all and thanks to the alcohol, I thought "fuck it, lets try and take it to other level". Thanks to a little bit of alcohol and a little bit of encouragement, my little good girl was unleashing her inner whore in front of my very eyes and enjoying herself doing it. Honestly, I've jerked off thinking about fucking you Lindsay." Carter opened up.

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She then had us lay on our backs and she jerked us off with each hand. She might be your girlfriend but I'm going to be the worthless little cum dumpster you can use and abuse." Secretly, this is what I've always wanted.

I loved showing her off to everyone so I made sure she dressed sexy when Carter came over. He said all he's got at the moment is phone sex and Skype with her. "Take the bra off, actually show him something." Again, she instantly jumped to it. She hopped off his lap, revealing a hard rock erection bulging down the side of his leg. Then proceed to spit in between her exposed breasts. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you eventually, I just need a few more minutes with my new toy." She joked. There she was casually stroking away at other man's cock, winking at me from five feet away. " She casually asked him as she jerked him up and down. "C'mon, Carter." She said has she grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom.

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